Just before the end of 2011 ‘Linguisticum I’ was released, the fourth poetry video by Joey Bongers and Albert Hagenaars.

‘Linguisticum I’ is based upon an older video, made by Eurostudio B.A.BA in 1995, when this multilingual project was part of Luxembourg Cultural Capital of Europe. The link between ‘Linguisticum’ and this festival was realized by Hubert Wellenstein of the Luxembourg based initiative Double You, publisher of the book ‘Linguisticum’ in 1994.
The performances took place in the Foyer Européen, 12 Rue Heine.

The cycle Linguisticum, written in 1980, marks for Albert Hagenaars both an end and a beginning. With these ten poems he chose definitively for literature and closed the door on an active period in the arts as painter and art gallery owner. ‘Linguisticum’ was first published in 1983 in ‘Op Komst’, an anthology of work by young Dutch authors, published by In de Knipscheer, Amsterdam. In 1986 the whole cycle was included in ‘’Intriges’, the third poetry collection of Albert Hagenaars, also published by In de Knipscheer. Shortly after the paperback edition appeared, a bibliophile edition of ‘Intriges’ was issued.
In that same year, a Belgian radio station devoted its literary program to ‘Linguisticum’. The program paired a reading of each poem with appropriate music.

In 1993, the poems appeared in I.E. Magazine -an American cultural magazine, in both Dutch and the English translation by Sandi Stromberg. In 1994 the book ‘Linguisticum’ was published, in four languages, followed in 1995 by the CD with the same name.
Composer/musician Jan Walraven performed ‘Linguisticum’ so far in The Netherlands, Luxembourg, The Czech Republic, Italy and Poland.

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Working on the video ‘Linguisticum I’ in Saint-Lambert’s Church in Wouw on 3 December 2011.
F.l.t.r.: composer Jan Walraven, Joey Bongers and AH. Photo: Evert Bongers.


Dutch text (original version): Albert Hagenaars
English translation: Sandi Stromberg
French translation: Thérèse Punt-Trine
German translation: Michael Malm

Composition: Jan Walraven
Piano: Jan Walraven
Organ: Jan Walraven

Dance: Madeleine Benjert
Choreography: Anne-Louise Beenen
Recitation in English: Jessine Monaghan
Recitation in French: Albert Hagenaars

Stage design: Mart Franken
Photo poster: Machteld Wijnen

Production book: Double You, Luxembourg
Production CD, Stemra JW 9701: Frank Jansen, The Netherlands
Production video (1995): Eurostudio B.A.BA 1995, Luxembourg
Production video (2011): Bongers Productions, The Netherlands

Babel Linguistic Engineering, The Netherlands
Foyer Européen, 12 Rue Heine, Luxembourg
Hubert Wellenstein, Luxembourg
In den Wouwdfluit, The Netherlands
Institutions Européennes – Cercle Culturel, Luxembourg
Josiane Libouton and Luc Linster, Luxembourg
Organisation Luxembourg – Ville Européenne de la Culture 1995
The municipality of Wouw, The Netherlands


Joey Bongers


Poet Albert Hagenaars, filmmaker Joey Bongers, photograph Evert Bongers.
Photo: Jan Walraven.