Composer Dirk Johan Stromberg will be featured this week on Acik Radyo - Online at (click on <listen live> on the left hand side) or 94.9 Istanbul , Turkey .

Sunday, June 17, at 5 PM Eastern European Time (9 AM Eastern Standard Time and 10 PM in the far east).

What will you hear?
You will hear electroacoustic works from Dirk's recent album, Tropendrift, released by In De Knipscheer (The Netherlands, 2006) with poetry by Albert Hagenaars (in the translation by John Irons).

CD available at

There is also a premier of a new work written for saxophonist Robert Reigle (influenced by one of his favorite composers Scelsci) for Computer and Tenor Saxophone just recorded this week.

The interviews are in Turkish and English. Performances by: Christopher E. Bacas, Douglas Cohen, Andrea La Rose , Andrew Livingston, Alfredo Marin and Robert Reigle.

About the Show:
The radio show is part of a weekly radio show that looks at new music and improvisation hosted by the group Islak Kopek (Sevket Akinci, Korhan Erel, Robert Reigle, Volkan Tersiouglu).

Listen in and share your comments,

Dirk Johan Stromberg

Dirk Stromberg in zijn tijdelijke studio bij Steim, Centre for Research and Development of instruments and tools for performers in the electronic performance arts. Achtergracht 17-19, Amsterdam.
Foto: AH