TROPENDRIFT werd gepresenteerd op 27 november 2003 in de zaal van poëziecentrum Perdu in Amsterdam. Aan de avond namen behalve Albert Hagenaars en Scott Rollins deel de dichters en auteurs: Hertz, Ezra de Haan, Suzanne Binnemans en Ernesto Hernandez Ortiz. 

De Engelse versie van Tropendrift, van de bekende Britse vertaler John Irons, werd voorgelezen door schrijver en muziekproducer Scott Rollins.

Scott Rollins, born in 1952 in the United States, was described by a Dutch journalist as a ‘literary centipede’, a literal translation of a phrase that refers to the many faceted nature of his literary activities. Since making the Netherlands his home in the early 1970s he has made a name for himself as a literary translator from the Dutch. His translations of poetry and prose have been published in the UK and North America. He founded a little magazine in Amsterdam, called Dremples, then his own small press, Bridges Books in 1981. He is currently an editor at a publishing house in Amsterdam.

It wasn’t until 1991 that his first collection of poems, Painting With Water, was published in a limited edition in Amsterdam. British novelist and poet James Hamilton-Paterson wrote of it: ‘I like Painting With Water very much. I love concern with form –all too rare. It’s altogether a most distinguished collection and I shall mention it to discerning friends.

Borderlines – Selected Poems and Fictions: 1972-1992 is the first major collection of his work. It reflects the fruits of his extensive traveling and investigations into workings of the soul in its various guises.

An essential fragment from the preface of Borderlines: ‘In our own ways, we are all passing through, passing through a landscape, a childhood, a family, a city, a country, a life. Footprints, maybe in the sand the desert storm obliterates. But, it’s the wind stroking your face, fragrance of camomile that makes you catch a glimpse of all that’s in front of you, apparently empty until your eye sets sail on that cloud until it sees the harvest coming until it wonders if anyone is home in that house out there in the clearing.



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